Loan Rates - April 1, 2017

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Loan Type Term APR

Auto Loans 01-36 mos. 1.99% ** 0.005452%
Other Secured Loans add 1% 37-48 mos. 2.24% ** 0.006137%
*New or Used 49-60 mos. 2.74% ** 0.007507%

61-72 mos. 2.99% ** 0.008192%

Signature 01-12 mos. 9.25% ** 0.025342%
Signature line of credit 13-24 mos. 9.25% ** 0.025342%

25-36 mos. 9.25% ** 0.025342%

37-48 mos. 11.25% ** 0.030822%

Draft-Overdraft Protection

Share/Certificate Secured 01-36 mos. Current Rate on Share/Certificate Plus 3%

Home Equity Line of Credit Three 5 year Wall Street Journal

****1% Above Index Renewals Prime Lending Rate

Our Current Rate is

5.00% **** 0.013699%

Closed-End Home Equity 60 mos. *** 4.00%

120 mos. *** 4.25%

180 mos. *** 4.75%

* Rate is Based on Individual Members Risk Based Pricing Worksheet
** Rate as low as

*** 80% of Appraised Value-Less any existing Mortgage. No 3rd Mortgage position

**** HELOC's are floored at 5.00%, however rates may go below the floor with Board Approval

APR – Annual Percentage Rate
DPR – Daily Periodic Rate

Draft-Overdraft Loan-If you overdraw your account by any means, your Draft account will extend advances from your loan in increments of $100.  The monthly payment on this loan will be 5% of the
outstanding balance or $50 whichever is greater.  Payments will be pulled from your draft account on
the last day of each month.

Lenders single Interest-You must obtain Lenders Single Interest insurance if the credit union takes a
security interest in your collateral. You may purchase the insurance from anyone you want that's acceptable to the credit union.  If you get the insurance from us you will pay anywhere from $12 to $24.
The amount will be indicated on your loan security agreement.

Loan Prepayment- Any prepayments made in any amount, in addition to the regular payments paid, will
advance the loan sub-account payment due date(with the exception of Lines of Credit). Additional payments will advance the due date in accordance with the payment amount and frequency disclosed
on the Disbursement Receipt. Additional payments made over and above the regular payments may allow the member to skip payments in the future (if desired) until the sub-account due date is reached.
Interest will continue to accrue on outstanding balances during such periods where loan payments are
not made.

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