Health Savings Accounts are here and we are excited!

Have a high deductible health insurance?
Don't like having to try to guess how much you will need for your flex card?
Worried you planned wrong on your flex and will be short or even worse lose what you put in?

Then you may benefit from the HSA.  Come in and get more information to see if this is the answer for you in planning for you and or your families health care needs.

No more guessing what your health care needs will be, whatever you don't use will stay in your account and continue to earn dividends too.  HSA accounts can possibly be a *tax benefit as well.

*Check with your tax adviser for any financial advice

Notice: Recent Debit Card Fraud Alert!

Here at EMMC FCU, we take your account security seriously.  We were recently made aware of a major breach situation involving transactions done at Kmart or Sears from September 2016 to April 2017.  In an effort to protect our members’ funds, we made the difficult decision to block all of the debit cards involved.  We are truly sorry for this inconvenience!  Rest assured that new debit cards have been ordered.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 945-3632 or 973-7130.  


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