Dividend Rates

Current Rates, effective since 03-19-2013, and are subject to change without notice. Call or visit one of our locations for information on all terms and conditions

Account Type                   Rate               **APY                 Minimum Balance

Share                               0.10%                 0.10%                            $25

Club                                 0.10%                 0.10%                             >0

Christmas Club-disbursed to share account on Oct 1st.

Vacation Club-disbursed to share account on Jun 1st. Two withdrawals a year without Penalty.

All-Purpose Club - No Withdrawal Penalty

Money Market                Tiered

$2,500 - $15,000               0.20%                  0.20%                       $2,500

$15,001 and Over             0.35%                  0.35%                       $2,500

***Certificates Including IRA Certificates & Monty Moose Certificates *Monty Moose Certificates require only $500 minimum balance*

 6 Months                          0.25%                  0.25%                       $1,000

12 Months                         0.35%                  0.35%                       $1,000

18 Months                         0.45%                  0.45%                       $1,000

24 Months                         0.65%                  0.65%                       $1,000

36 Months                         1.15%                  1.16%                       $1,000

   *One time Step-Up option on 36 month certificate

Monty Moose Share         0.10%                  0.10%                            >0

IRA Clubs                         0.15%                  0.15%                            >0

HSA Clubs                        0.15%                  0.15%                            >0

**Annual Percentage Yield

***Penalties Apply on all Early Withdrawals on Certificates

Notice: Recent Debit Card Fraud Alert!

Here at EMMC FCU, we take your account security seriously.  We were recently made aware of a major breach situation involving transactions done at Kmart or Sears from September 2016 to April 2017.  In an effort to protect our members’ funds, we made the difficult decision to block all of the debit cards involved.  We are truly sorry for this inconvenience!  Rest assured that new debit cards have been ordered.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 945-3632 or 973-7130.  


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